6 Watt LED | 40W Equal


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  • 6W LED, Bright as 40W Traditional Bulb
  • 5 CCT, 2700K-5000K, Custom Light Settings
  • Energy-Efficient, Saves on Bills
  • Long Lifespan of 15,000 Hours
  • Eco-Friendly, Low Carbon Footprint
  • BR20, Easy-to-Install Design
  • Dimmable, Tailored Lighting Ambiance
  • High CRI for Natural Color Rendering
  • UL Listed, Safety & Quality Assured
  • 105Β° Beam, Wide & Even Light Spread

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Dive into the brilliance of our BR20 LED bulb, engineered for those who cherish both the planet and pioneering technology.


This 6W marvel not only stands in for a traditional 40W bulb with unmatched efficiency but also bathes your space in a wide, welcoming glow, thanks to its impressive 105-degree beam angle.


🌟 Bright and Efficient: Our bulb’s genius lies in its ability to consume minimal energy (just 6W!) while delivering the luminosity of a 40W traditional bulb. It’s the smart way to illuminate your space, ensuring vivid brightness with significantly reduced energy use.


🌈 Adaptable Light for Every Mood: Tailor your ambiance with 5 CCT options, stretching from a warm 2700K to a bright daylight 5000K. This bulb adapts to your needs, setting the perfect mood for any moment with just a simple adjustment.


🌍 Sustainable Shine: Embrace eco-conscious lighting without sacrificing quality. With a lifespan of 15,000 hours, this bulb is a testament to durability and environmental stewardship, dramatically lowering both your bills and carbon footprint.


πŸ”§ Seamlessly Fits Your Space: Designed with a straightforward BR20 base, it integrates effortlessly into your existing setups, making the switch to better lighting as easy as a twist.


πŸ”¦ Control Your Glow: The dimmable functionality of our bulb puts you in command, allowing for a soft glimmer or bright illumination based on your immediate needs, enhancing every occasion with the right light.


πŸ’‘ True Colors Under True Light: Boasting a high Color Rendering Index (CRI), our BR20 LED bulb ensures that colors in your home or office appear naturally vibrant, enhancing the authenticity of your space.


🌐 Quality and Safety First: As a UL Listed product, safety and superior quality are guaranteed. You can trust in the reliability and longevity of your lighting choice.


✨ Broad and Beautiful Shine: Unique to our bulb is its 105-degree beam angle, casting a wide net of light that evenly illuminates large areas, ensuring no corner is left dim. Experience a consistent, expansive glow that enhances the ambiance of any room.


Switch to our BR20 LED bulb for a lighting solution that’s not just about seeing better, but living smarter and more sustainably. It’s lighting that understands your needs, respects the planet, and transforms your space with a warm, encompassing shine.

Additional information

Base type

E26 – Medium Screw

Bulb Finish


Bulb Type


Energy Star, UL Listed

Color Temperature

, , , ,



Incandescent Equivalent

40 Watts

Lamp Life Hours

35,000 hours

Brightness (Lumens)

450 Lumens

Pack size





Model Number 08941

Kelvin scale


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