Pack of 2 Wall Plate Outlet Switch Covers by SleekLighting | Classic Beadborad Wall plates| Variety of Styles: Decorator / Duplex / Toggle / Blank / & Combo | Size: 2 Gang Receptacle


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Looking for something that will help protect your electrical outlets and upgrade the aesthetic of your home at the same time? You’re in the right place! Our pack of 2 wall plate switch outlet covers at Sleek Lighting LLC make your switches impact and abrasion-resistant. They also come in many styles, including decorator, duplex, toggle, blank, and even combinations of two or more.

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Here are some striking features of our outlet switch covers.

Our Pack Of Four Offers Value For Money:

Easy on the pocket and effortless to maintain, our wall plates will not crack, scratch, or break, unlike most lower cost alternatives. At Sleek Lighting LLC, we want our products to be as accessible as possible. Our gang plate covers are created from natural bamboo fibers, making them a sturdy, yet flexible option if you want to protect your switch outlets. Easy to install, they provide protection from abrasion and impact.

Make No Design Compromises:

Great interior design doesn’t just look good in places that are visible, it looks good overall—even in the corners that most people don’t notice. Despite this, too many homeowners leave out small details like switchboards not following the theme, which gives off a shabby impression. Our wall plates offer your house a nice and cohesive look, covering your switches to match your overall house’s design.

Smooth Finish That Is Easy To Wipe Off And Clean:

Imagine never having to scrub the dirt and grime off your switchboards every time the guests are about to arrive. Our wall plates feature a shining gloss white color that’s anti-yellow, won’t accumulate dust over time, and requires no cleaning. They are also resistant to fading, discoloration, grease, oils, organic solvents, and moisture, ensuring nice and aesthetically pleasing walls for a very, very long time.

A Huge Variety Of Shapes And Sizes Are Available:

Our wall plates are versatile, and we’ve made sure to create different versions, styles, and sizes for different houses. At Sleek Lighting LLC, you’ll find a wide variety in gang plate covers, duplex switches, toggle switch covers, and decorator switch covers. You can easily choose between single, double, triple, and even quadruple combinations. Whatever you want—we’ve got it covered.

Adds A Touch Of Elegance To Your House:

We all know how damaging subpar wall plates and switches can be to your home’s overall interior design; they can bring down the aesthetic of a beautifully decked-out room. With our wall plates, we’ve made sure that you can easily decorate your home and add a touch of class, sophistication, and elegance right down to the switches. If your home features wall paints with warm undertones like taupe, or brick red, try our Espresso finish to really bring out the cozy effect.


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