Tumbled Antique Brass Wall Plate

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Tumbled Antique Brass Wall Plate, Decorative Switch Plates in USA









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Tumbled Antique Brass Wall Plates


Antique brass wall plates are a unique way to upscale the ambiance of your space. Whether you want a classic or contemporary design for your home and office, these decorative switch plates are sure to complement any decor style. They are a versatile and stylish addition to any room decor, uplifting the look of the space.


Some of the striking features of brass wall plates are as follows:


Antique Brass Finish:

An antique brass finish gives these switch plates a vintage look and also adds an extra edge to the look of the interior setting.

Amazing Value Pack of 4:

The set comprises four antique brass wall plates of varying dimensions, ensuring both robustness and durability.

Complete Insulation:

This tumbled antique brass wall plate comes with high-quality insulated materials so that you have complete protection against electrical shocks.

Easy Installation:

They come with matching hardware for easy and quick installation. Even someone with no technical knowledge can also install it within minutes.

Standard Sizes and Features:

These brass switch plates come in all sizes and features that seamlessly fit most standard electrical boxes and outlets.

Designs To Match Any Decor:

Additionally, they are designed to coordinate with other elements in the room, such as light switches, light fixtures, and other hardware.

Decorative Touch:

These well-designed antique brass wall plates can also add a luxurious touch to any room, helping to enhance its overall ambiance.

Easy to maintain:

They are extremely popular as they demand minimal maintenance, and the material is also resistant to fading and moisture.

Free Shipping and No Minimum Order:

The offer allows you to purchase antique brass wall plates as many or as few as you need without incurring any additional shipping costs.

Secure Packaging:

These antique brass wall plates come with premium quality packaging that offers protection from any kind of handling damage.


To sum up, our collection of antique brass wall plates offers a stylish and classy touch to any room. With standard sizes and versatile use, these decorative switch plates are a practical solution for every standard outlet. Enhance your room’s style and functionality with our sponged bronze switch plates.


Sizes refer to amount of gangs in the plate:

Single Gang Size Plates: 3.1 x 4.9 in
Double Gang Size Plates: 4.9 x 4.9 in
Triple Gang Size Plates: 6.5 x 4.9 in
Four Gang Size Plates: 8.5 x 4.9 in


Matching screws are included for all wall plates.


Materials: Made out of Metal


Frequently Asked Questions:


Are brass switch plates safe?

Yes, brass switch plates are perfectly safe. These antique brass wall plates are designed to resist impact and abrasion and are non-conductive to prevent electrical shocks.


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